My name is João da Maia Jorge (that weird thing above the first ‘a’ is a tilde. It makes virtually impossible for foreigners to pronounce my name natively. Check it here how difficult it is). I was born and raised in the beautiful sunny Lisbon (that is actually changing the tech scene in Europe. Check it for yourself here). In the last years I have been between Lisbon, London and San Francisco hustling for my Startup.

My academic background is Management, I hold a master degree in Business Sciences. It gave me a broad sense of how a business works and the different areas that make it run successfully. However my true passion is to design and build new things. Since I can remember I design new stuff with clay and leather and sold it to the family. Those products would be something like ashtrays, plates or 'empty pockets' boxes. Nothing super exciting. But it made me understand the power of creating something from my own ideas.

I’ve been developing new products for half a decade now and it’s the best “job” in the world. Being able to build something from zero, and see actual people using and paying for it, is the most gratifying feeling that a founder can have.

This site was exclusively designed and developed by myself. I used Laravel as the back-end framework and simple front-end CSS and JavaScript. The “My books" section design is based on the amazing designbetter.co site. A big congrats to the inVision team for the creativity and hard work.

Have a look around, try to learn something and give me feedback or invite me for a coffee. You never know where the next big venture starts.